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Empowering Christian Leaders to Succeed in Ministry thru Biblical Standards

Leadership is impossible without a guiding vision and purpose that generates passion for accomplishment. Leadership is based on Trust & Honesty; Learning is based on Desire & Dedication, Teaching is based on Commitment & Willingness and Excellence is based on Determination & Standards

We are all called to be leaders in some capacity of life. Leadership abilities has to be discovered, exposed, built and strengthened. The attitude of a leader toward situations, people, places or things will determine their influence and effectiveness to impact the lives of others. When called by God to lead it takes preparation and training. Every anointed vessel will need skill, character, accountability, integrity, responsibility and effectiveness to succeed.


Valerie Tate - Senior Pastor


Johnny Snell Sr. - Associate Pastor


Minister Sherrie Brown - Outreach Coordinator, Greeter & Usher Director


Minister Dixie Curry - Lead Intercessor & 1St Time Visitor Coordinator


Minister Johnny Snell II - Technical Support Team Leader, Co- Finance Chairman


Minister Ronda Snell - Secretary, Shepard’s Care Director, Finance Chairman


Minister Nadia Howard - Media Relations & Technical Support Staff


Minister James Lee- Photographer, Technical Support Staff & Open Arms


Minister Nico Lee – Biblical Counselor & Assistant Membership Relations


Minister Annie Snell- Director Membership Relations & Communion Coordinator


Mrs. Afriel Nelson & Mr. Eric Bush – Hospitality Committee


Miss. Natiska Skinner & Latisha Curry – Youth Leaders


Miss. Nona Whitfield- Helping Hands Director


Mr. & Mrs. Carroll- Shepard’s Care Committee & Helping Hands Ministry


Boards Members: Ronda Snell, Johnny Snell II, Sherrie Brown, Nico Lee & Afriel Nelson


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