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Our ministries exists to nurture and equip our ministry family to be prepared and productive in advancing the Kingdom of God thru serving God & others with their God given talents and enhance the Body of Christ with excellence thru proper training and teaching. It is our goal to build teams that will advance the kingdom with accountability and strength.


A ministry that understands prayer is not an option but a command from the word of God. Prayer is not a position but the conditioning of the mind. Prayer is to our spirit man what fiber is to the natural body. Fiber is a required substance for the body it pulls things together, it’s a protector and it helps pass waste out of the system. Prayer pulls things together that the enemy would love to keep out of order in our live. Prayer protects us thru the word of God. Prayer can and will push any negative factors out of our live. Finally, prayer is a vital substance to stay connected to the presence of God.

Men of Purpose:

A ministry that is designed to encourage men to rise up and be the forerunner for Christ and help assist other men to grow in their relationship with God be an example in their home, ministry, community, business, job, ministry or whatever capacity to draw other men into the kingdom of God. Victory is the reward for men who realizes that opposition is a tool used to strengthen character, integrity, passion, and purpose to become the winners they were born to be.

Women of Impact :

A ministry for women who desire to connect for victory and fellowship. WOI focus is to strengthen women to walk in a disciplined lifestyle of faith to be the woman, wife, friend, mentor, pastor, sister, daughter, mentor, mentee, business woman, first lady, employee, supervisor, or whatever capacity of life to succeed. Our social events give women the opportunity to create deeper friendships and network opportunities. Women of Impact are committed to change and Impact lives thru the power of unity.

Youth & Young Adults:

A ministry that creates an atmosphere for nurturing and training the youth in the admonition of the Lord with exciting and encouraging opportunities to become the productive young men and women thru biblical teachings with lessons of simplicity and fun. Crunk fo Christ (3-7) Young Warriors (8-12) Youth on Fire (13-18) Joshua Generation (19-25)

S.A.V.E.D ( Single Adults Valuing Each other’s Destiny) :

A ministry designed to empower singles with keys to be successful while living a single life unto God. The singles ministry is designed to help individuals commit to Christ and be complete in him until God sends their prepared mate.


A ministry of publications, photography, social media, recordings, programming etc. We use the tool of marketing to further enhance and promote the gospel thru technology.

L.O.V.E. (Living Our Vows Everyday):

A ministry for marital enrichment and (LOVE) Learning Opportunities Valuing Each other dreams and desires. This ministry is designed to give tools needed for couples to maintain a good healthy relationship and to rebuild and repair broken relationships. LOVE gives biblical and Godly expectations of the covenant which is honored by God.

W.O.W. (Words of Wisdom):

This ministry is designed for mentorship.


A ministry that trains for leadership in every capacity of life. It points individuals in the direction of their purpose for the path of Destiny to fulfill their God given assignment for life.

Membership Services:

A ministry designed to assist new disciples to learn the vision and the protocol of the ministry. This ministry also helps with placing of the members in their proper place of servitude.

Shepard’s Care:

A ministry designed to assist and aide the Pastors.

Helping Hands:

A ministry that maintains the facilty of the ministry inside and outside. It provides a sense of security to the members while having a worship experience with God.

Open Arms:

(Ushers & Greeters) A ministry that exists for the doorkeepers in God’s house to help maintain and assist orderly flow of ministry. Altar Workers assist with the flow of prayer. This ministry helps creates a hospitable environment that maintains peace and harmony within the body of believers. The servants in this ministry have to be anointed to assist and serve.

A Way Out:

A ministry for our community development outreach that provides toiletries and more. AWO is designed to be a hand up and give network assistance.

Open Doors:

A ministry designed to provide literature to inmates while incarcerated. Once released provide information assistance according to the need. It’s our desire to give support to those that are struggling with addictions and help them experience victory and self-control thru the principles of the Word of God with direction and insight how to have a successful life thru God’s plan of action and to use faith to overcome the challenges of life.


A ministry that creates an atmosphere for praise and worship to thrush others in the presence of God while singing praises unto God.

ABC’s of Business:

A ministry that is designed to launch individuals that are interested in their own business the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. We realize the word of God states he (God) gives us power to get wealth.

Shape Up:

A ministry designed to assist others with lifelong goals of a healthy lifestyle thru proper nutrition and exercise.


Proceeding Word Of Faith Ministries

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