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A vision is very crucial to every ministry. Every God ordained ministry has a specific task and assignment for the Kingdom of God with an anointing to ensure success to Impact lives. The book of Habakkuk admonishes us to write the Vision so that we can establish Vision Runners. Isaiah 43: 5 -6 declares God has people for our life. With every God given vision he will send people that will Receive, Respect and Respond to the assignment with Grace. The book of Proverbs warns us without a Vision the People Perish. A ministry without a vision will cause our personal lives to work with no results and remain in struggle. It takes a Plan, Strategy and Goals to fulfill a Vision.

Proceeding Word of Faith Ministries Vision and main objective is to encourage, empower, enhance, equip, educate, and enlighten people to pursue their Purpose with passion. Our primary focal point is to develop spiritual and personal growth thru the word of God with practical principles for daily enrichment. We build lives thru the power of God that will reflect the Love of Christ. PWOFM assignment is leadership development. The task given by God for Pastor Val is to teach and train individuals to locate their unique position which God gives. PWOFM will give gift assessments that will highlight and inform each person of their strong gifted areas. Every part is absolutely essential in order for our body to function properly. So is the Body of Christ. There are many members, each with their own place and contribution, yet only one body. We each differ in respective talents, abilities and areas of ministry, but we are all necessary and important. Everyone has a Place.

Proceeding Word Of Faith Ministries

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