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Pastor Valerie Tate

In 1996 the Lord launched Pastor Val (PV) out to minister His word. God uses PV mightily to enlighten, encourage, and empower the Body of Christ through her method of teaching with simplicity and boldness. The great trials and experiences of her life have brought great testimonies that God is faithful to His word. Pastor Val’s message of inspiration has inspired, renewed, and transformed the lives of many through the power of God.

Pastor Val is the visionary of “Women of Impact” ministries and she is convinced people have to be Challenged to Change. The Ministry is designed to bring useful information with powerful and profound insights that has a positive life changing impact in the lives of people. She also serves as Senior Pastor of Proceeding Word of Faith Ministries. There is a strong commitment to the work of ministry to help people achieve their goals and bring forth their potential to fulfill their God –Given purpose. As a businesswoman she endeavors to teach others the benefit and importance of tapping into their creative power that is within them to create their wealth to help finance the Kingdom of God that will enhance and affect others.

Some of the accomplishments of Pastor Val include an award from TBAC (Texas Black Alcoholism Counseling Corp) for working with recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. The “Barney Kroger” award for outstanding community service. She also served on the board of “BAD” (Brothers Against Drugs). She was honored as a living legend among First Lady’s according to the Distinguished Women in Profile sponsored by ETA Phi Beta Sorority Inc., and currently serves on the board of Directors for Ekklesia Christian School. Pastor Val has two children, Kevin and Diamond that continue to bring joy into her life.

Even though she has had many accomplishments in life, one of her greatest endeavors is to be the successful mother, sister, daughter, businesswoman, friend, Pastor, mentor, and woman that God is requiring her to be.


Proceeding Word Of Faith Ministries

(P) 817-496-2380